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The Document Library is a matrix created to centralize availability of CDC UP Practices Guides, Templates, Checklists, Process Guides, and other relevant information available in various electronic formats.

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Document Name Practice  Template  Checklist  Process  Other
Acquisition Strategy   Word: HHS Acquisition Strategy Template      
Annual Operational Analysis PDF: HHS AOA Practices Guide Word: HHS AOA Template PDF: HHS AOA Checklist    
Authorization to Operate       PDF: Authorization to Operate Process Guide  
Business Case PDF: Business Case Practices Guide Word: Business Case TemplateWord: LITE Business Case TemplateExcel: HHS Alternatives Analysis Template PDF: Business Case Checklist    
Business Needs Statement PDF: Business Needs Statement Practices Guide Word: Business Needs Statement Template PDF: Business Needs Statement Checklist    
Capacity Planning PDF: Capacity Planning Practices Guide Word: Capacity Planning Template PDF: Capacity Planning Checklist    
Capital Planning and Investment Control       PDF: Capital Planning & Investment Control Process Guide  
Certification & Accreditation (Security)       PDF: Certification & Accreditation Process Guide  
Certification and Accreditation Process Activities         Other
Certification and Accreditation Process Templates         Other
Change Management PDF: Change Management Practices Guide Word: Change Management Plan TemplateExcel: Change Management Log TemplateWord: Change Request Form ExampleHTML: LITE Change Management Plan Template PDF: Change Management Checklist    
Charter PDF: Project Charter Practices Guide Word: Project Charter TemplateWord: LITE Project Charter Template PDF: Project Charter Checklist   PDF: Project Charter Example
Classified Information       PDF: Classified Information Process Guide  
Communications Management PDF: Communication Management Practices Guide Word: Communications Management Plan TemplateExcel: Communication Matrix Template PDF: Communication Management Checklist    
Computer Match Agreement PDF: HHS Computer Match Agreement Practices Guide     PDF: Computer Match Agreement Process Guide  
Configuration Management PDF: HHS Configuration Management Plan Practices Guide Word: HHS Configuration Management Plan Template PDF: HHS Configuration Management Plan Checklist    
Contingency Plan PDF: HHS Contingency Plan Practices Guide Word: HHS Contingency Plan Template PDF: HHS Contingency Plan Checklist    
Contingency Planning PDF: Contingency Planning Practices Guide Word: Contingency Planning TemplateWord: Business Impact Analysis Template PDF: Contingency Planning Checklist    
Contracts Procurement       PDF: Contracts Procurement Process Guide  
Critical Partners         PDF: Section 508 Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Acquisition Management Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Capital Planning and Investment Control Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Enterprise Architecture Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Finance and Budget Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Human Resources/Business Owner Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Information Security Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Performance/Business Owner Critical Partner Job Aid
Data Conversion PDF: Data Conversion Practices Guide Word: HHS Data Conversion Template PDF: HHS Data Conversion Checklist    
Data Use Agreement PDF: HHS Data Use Agreement Practices Guide        
Designated Server Sites       PDF: Designated Server Site Process Guide  
Disposition Plan PDF: HHS Disposition Plan Practices Guide Word: HHS Disposition Plan Template PDF: HHS Disposition Plan Checklist    
Earned Value Management PDF: Earned Value Management Practices Guide     PDF: Earned Value Management Process Guide  
Enterprise Architecture       PDF: Enterprise Architecture Process Guide  
EPLC Framework Images HHS: EPLC Framework Image       PDF: EPLC Framework Image COTS Project ExamplePDF: EPLC Framework Image Micro Project ExamplePDF: EPLC Framework Image Small Project Example
Estimating PDF: Estimating Practices Guide Excel: Estimating Template PDF: Estimating Checklist   Other
Implementation Plan PDF: HHS Implementation Plan Practices Guide Word: HHS Implementation Plan Template PDF: HHS Implementation Plan Checklist    
Implementation Planning PDF: Implementation Planning Practices Guide Word: HHS Implementation Planning Template PDF: HHS Implementation Planning Checklist    
Interface Control PDF: Interface Control Practices Guide Word: Interface Control Template      
Issue Management PDF: Issue Management Practices Guide Excel: Issue Management Template PDF: Issue Management Checklist    
Iterative Development         PDF: Iterative Development Job AidPDF: Guidance for Iterative Development Using EPLC Job Aid
IV&V PDF: HHS IV&V Practices Guide Word: HHS IV&V Template PDF: HHS IV&V Checklist   PDF: IV&V Job Aid
Lessons Learned PDF: Lessons Learned Practices Guide Word: Lessons Learned Post Project SurveyExcel: Lessons Learned Log Template PDF: Lessons Learned Checklist    
Logical Data Model PDF: HHS Logical Data Model Practices Guide Word: HHS Logical Data Model Template PDF: HHS Logical Data Model Checklist    
Meeting Management PDF: HHS Meeting Minutes Practices Guide Word: Meeting Agenda Template Style-1Word: Meeting Agenda Template Style-2Word: Meeting Minutes TemplateWord: HHS Meeting Minutes TemplateWord: Meeting SignIn Roster Template PDF: HHS Meeting Minutes Checklist    
Modeling PDF: Modeling Practices Guide   PDF: Modeling Checklist    
Operation & Maintenance Manual PDF: O&M Practices Guide Word: O&M Template PDF: O&M Checklist    
Physical Data Model PDF: HHS Physical Data Model Practices Guide Word: HHS Physical Data Model Template PDF: HHS Physical Data Model Checklist    
Privacy Impact Assessment PDF: HHS Privacy Impact Assessment Practices Guide     PDF: Privacy Impact Assessment Process Guide PDF: HHS Privacy Impact Assessment Job Aid
Procurements Overview       PDF: Procurement Overview Process Guide  
Product Design PDF: Product Design Practices Guide Word: Product Design Template PDF: Product Design Checklist    
Project Completion (Close-Out/Archive) PDF: Project Close-Out Practices Guide Word: Project Close-Out Template PDF: Project Close-Out Checklist    
Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda     PDF: Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda Checklist    
Project Management Planning PDF: Project Management Plan Practices Guide Word: Project Management Plan TemplateWord: LITE Project Management Plan Template PDF: Project Management Plan Checklist    
Project Process Agreement PDF: HHS Project Process Agreement Practices Guide Word: HHS Project Process Agreement Template PDF: HHS Project Process Agreement Checklist   DOC: Project Process Agreement Example
Quality Management PDF: Quality Management Practices Guide Word: Quality Management Plan TemplateHTML: LITE Quality Management Plan Template PDF: Quality Management Checklist    
Records Control       PDF: MASO Records Control Process Guide  
Release Strategy PDF: Release Strategy Practices Guide Word: HHS Release Strategy Template PDF: Release Strategy Checklist    
Requirements Definition PDF: Requirements Definition Practices Guide Word: Functional Requirements Definition TemplateWord: Non-Functional Requirements Definition Template      
Requirements Management PDF: Requirements Management Practices Guide Word: Requirements Management Plan Template PDF: Requirements Management Checklist    
Requirements Traceability PDF: Requirements Traceability Practices Guide Excel: Requirements Traceability Matrix Template      
Risk Management PDF: Risk Management Practices Guide Word: Risk Management Plan TemplateHTML: LITE Risk Management Plan TemplateExcel: Risk Management Log Template PDF: Risk Management Checklist    
Scope Planning PDF: Scope Planning Practices Guide        
Scheduling PDF: Project Schedule Template Project: Project Schedule TemplateProject: Project Schedule (Agile) TemplateProject: Project Schedule (Agile Backlog) TemplateExcel: Project Schedule Template PDF: HHS Project Scheduling Checklist   PDF: Project Scheduling Job-Aid
Section 508 PDF: HHS Section 508 Compliance Practices GuidePDF: HHS Section 508 Compliance Exceptions Practices Guide     PDF: Section 508 Process Guide  
Secure Data Network       PDF: Secure Data Newrowk Overview Process GuidePDF: Secure Data Newrowk Application Process GuidePDF: Secure Data Newrowk Digital Certificate Process GuidePDF: Secure Data Newrowk File Transfer Process Guide  
Security Approach PDF: HHS Security Approach Practices Guide Word: HHS Security Approach Template PDF: HHS Security Approach Checklist    
Service Level Agreement PDF: HHS Service Level Agreement Practices Guide Word: HHS Service Level Agreement  Template PDF: HHS Service Level Agreement  Checklist    
Simplified Acquisitions       PDF: Simplified Acquisitions Process Guide  
Staff Management PDF: HHS Staff Management Practices Guide Word: HHS Staff Management Template PDF: HHS Staff Management Checklist    
Stage Gate Review PDF: HHS Stage Gate Review Practices Guide Word: HHS Stage Gate Review TemplateExcel: Stage Gate Review Assessment Template     PDF: Stage Gate Review Assessment Job-Aid PDF: Example Stage Gate Review Assessment - Initiation PDF: Example Stage Gate Review Assessment - Concept PDF: Example Stage Gate Review Assessment - Planning
Stakeholder Analysis   Excel: Stakeholder Analysis Log Template      
Status Reporting PDF: Status Reporting Practices Guide Word: Executive Status Report TemplateWord: Executive Status Report Template InstructionsWord: Team Member Status Report Template PDF: Project Status Reporting ChecklistPDF: Project Status Meeting Agenda Checklist    
System of Records Notice   Word: HHS System of Records Notice Template PDF: HHS System of Records Notice Checklist PDF: System of Records Notice Process Guide  
Task Order       PDF: Task Order Process Guide  
Test Plan PDF: Test Plan Practices Guide Word: Test Plan TemplateWord: Test Case Template PDF: Test Plan Checklist    
Test Reports PDF: HHS Test Reports Practices Guide Word: HHS Test Reports Template PDF: HHS Test Reports Checklist    
Training Material PDF: HHS Training Material Practices Guide        
Training Planning PDF: Training Planning Practices Guide Word: HHS Training Plan Template PDF: Training Planning Checklist    
User Manual Word: HHS User Manual Practices Guide        
Work Breakdown Structure PDF: WBS Practices Guide Word: WBS Dictionary TemplateWord: WBS Template Style-1Visio: WBS Template Style-2Word: WBS Template Style-3 PDF: WBS Checklist   Word: WBS Example
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