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As of October 01, 2010 Practices, Templates, Checklists, and Processes are considered final and version frozen.
If you have questions or require additional information please contact the CDC Unified Process.

The Document Library is a matrix created to centralize availability of CDC UP Practices Guides, Templates, Checklists, Process Guides, and other relevant information available in various electronic formats.

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Document Name Practice  Template  Checklist  Process  Other
Acquisition Strategy   Word: HHS Acquisition Strategy Template      
Annual Operational Analysis PDF: HHS AOA Practices Guide Word: HHS AOA Template PDF: HHS AOA Checklist    
Authorization to Operate       PDF: Authorization to Operate Process Guide  
Business Case PDF: Business Case Practices Guide Word: Business Case TemplateWord: LITE Business Case TemplateExcel: HHS Alternatives Analysis Template PDF: Business Case Checklist    
Business Needs Statement PDF: Business Needs Statement Practices Guide Word: Business Needs Statement Template PDF: Business Needs Statement Checklist    
Capacity Planning PDF: Capacity Planning Practices Guide Word: Capacity Planning Template PDF: Capacity Planning Checklist    
Capital Planning and Investment Control       PDF: Capital Planning & Investment Control Process Guide  
Certification & Accreditation (Security)       PDF: Certification & Accreditation Process Guide  
Certification and Accreditation Process Activities         Other
Certification and Accreditation Process Templates         Other
Change Management PDF: Change Management Practices Guide Word: Change Management Plan TemplateExcel: Change Management Log TemplateWord: Change Request Form ExampleHTML: LITE Change Management Plan Template PDF: Change Management Checklist    
Charter PDF: Project Charter Practices Guide Word: Project Charter TemplateWord: LITE Project Charter Template PDF: Project Charter Checklist   PDF: Project Charter Example
Classified Information       PDF: Classified Information Process Guide  
Communications Management PDF: Communication Management Practices Guide Word: Communications Management Plan TemplateExcel: Communication Matrix Template PDF: Communication Management Checklist    
Computer Match Agreement PDF: HHS Computer Match Agreement Practices Guide     PDF: Computer Match Agreement Process Guide  
Configuration Management PDF: HHS Configuration Management Plan Practices Guide Word: HHS Configuration Management Plan Template PDF: HHS Configuration Management Plan Checklist    
Contingency Plan PDF: HHS Contingency Plan Practices Guide Word: HHS Contingency Plan Template PDF: HHS Contingency Plan Checklist    
Contingency Planning PDF: Contingency Planning Practices Guide Word: Contingency Planning TemplateWord: Business Impact Analysis Template PDF: Contingency Planning Checklist    
Contracts Procurement       PDF: Contracts Procurement Process Guide  
Critical Partners         PDF: Section 508 Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Acquisition Management Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Capital Planning and Investment Control Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Enterprise Architecture Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Finance and Budget Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Human Resources/Business Owner Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Information Security Critical Partner Job AidPDF: Performance/Business Owner Critical Partner Job Aid
Data Conversion PDF: Data Conversion Practices Guide Word: HHS Data Conversion Template PDF: HHS Data Conversion Checklist    
Data Use Agreement PDF: HHS Data Use Agreement Practices Guide        
Designated Server Sites       PDF: Designated Server Site Process Guide  
Disposition Plan PDF: HHS Disposition Plan Practices Guide Word: HHS Disposition Plan Template PDF: HHS Disposition Plan Checklist    
Earned Value Management PDF: Earned Value Management Practices Guide     PDF: Earned Value Management Process Guide  
Enterprise Architecture       PDF: Enterprise Architecture Process Guide  
EPLC Framework Images HHS: EPLC Framework Image       PDF: EPLC Framework Image COTS Project ExamplePDF: EPLC Framework Image Micro Project ExamplePDF: EPLC Framework Image Small Project Example
Estimating PDF: Estimating Practices Guide Excel: Estimating Template PDF: Estimating Checklist   Other
Implementation Plan PDF: HHS Implementation Plan Practices Guide Word: HHS Implementation Plan Template PDF: HHS Implementation Plan Checklist    
Implementation Planning PDF: Implementation Planning Practices Guide Word: HHS Implementation Planning Template PDF: HHS Implementation Planning Checklist    
Interface Control PDF: Interface Control Practices Guide Word: Interface Control Template      
Issue Management PDF: Issue Management Practices Guide Excel: Issue Management Template PDF: Issue Management Checklist    
Iterative Development         PDF: Iterative Development Job AidPDF: Guidance for Iterative Development Using EPLC Job Aid
IV&V PDF: HHS IV&V Practices Guide Word: HHS IV&V Template PDF: HHS IV&V Checklist   PDF: IV&V Job Aid
Lessons Learned PDF: Lessons Learned Practices Guide Word: Lessons Learned Post Project SurveyExcel: Lessons Learned Log Template PDF: Lessons Learned Checklist    
Logical Data Model PDF: HHS Logical Data Model Practices Guide Word: HHS Logical Data Model Template PDF: HHS Logical Data Model Checklist    
Meeting Management PDF: HHS Meeting Minutes Practices Guide Word: Meeting Agenda Template Style-1Word: Meeting Agenda Template Style-2Word: Meeting Minutes TemplateWord: HHS Meeting Minutes TemplateWord: Meeting SignIn Roster Template PDF: HHS Meeting Minutes Checklist    
Modeling PDF: Modeling Practices Guide   PDF: Modeling Checklist    
Operation & Maintenance Manual PDF: O&M Practices Guide Word: O&M Template PDF: O&M Checklist    
Physical Data Model PDF: HHS Physical Data Model Practices Guide Word: HHS Physical Data Model Template PDF: HHS Physical Data Model Checklist    
Privacy Impact Assessment PDF: HHS Privacy Impact Assessment Practices Guide     PDF: Privacy Impact Assessment Process Guide PDF: HHS Privacy Impact Assessment Job Aid
Procurements Overview       PDF: Procurement Overview Process Guide  
Product Design PDF: Product Design Practices Guide Word: Product Design Template PDF: Product Design Checklist    
Project Completion (Close-Out/Archive) PDF: Project Close-Out Practices Guide Word: Project Close-Out Template PDF: Project Close-Out Checklist    
Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda     PDF: Project Kick-Off Meeting Agenda Checklist    
Project Management Planning PDF: Project Management Plan Practices Guide Word: Project Management Plan TemplateWord: LITE Project Management Plan Template PDF: Project Management Plan Checklist    
Project Process Agreement PDF: HHS Project Process Agreement Practices Guide Word: HHS Project Process Agreement Template PDF: HHS Project Process Agreement Checklist   DOC: Project Process Agreement Example
Quality Management PDF: Quality Management Practices Guide Word: Quality Management Plan TemplateHTML: LITE Quality Management Plan Template PDF: Quality Management Checklist    
Records Control       PDF: MASO Records Control Process Guide  
Release Strategy PDF: Release Strategy Practices Guide Word: HHS Release Strategy Template PDF: Release Strategy Checklist    
Requirements Definition PDF: Requirements Definition Practices Guide Word: Functional Requirements Definition TemplateWord: Non-Functional Requirements Definition Template      
Requirements Management PDF: Requirements Management Practices Guide Word: Requirements Management Plan Template PDF: Requirements Management Checklist    
Requirements Traceability PDF: Requirements Traceability Practices Guide Excel: Requirements Traceability Matrix Template      
Risk Management PDF: Risk Management Practices Guide Word: Risk Management Plan TemplateHTML: LITE Risk Management Plan TemplateExcel: Risk Management Log Template PDF: Risk Management Checklist    
Scope Planning PDF: Scope Planning Practices Guide        
Scheduling PDF: Project Schedule Template Project: Project Schedule TemplateProject: Project Schedule (Agile) TemplateProject: Project Schedule (Agile Backlog) TemplateExcel: Project Schedule Template PDF: HHS Project Scheduling Checklist   PDF: Project Scheduling Job-Aid
Section 508 PDF: HHS Section 508 Compliance Practices GuidePDF: HHS Section 508 Compliance Exceptions Practices Guide     PDF: Section 508 Process Guide  
Secure Data Network       PDF: Secure Data Newrowk Overview Process GuidePDF: Secure Data Newrowk Application Process GuidePDF: Secure Data Newrowk Digital Certificate Process GuidePDF: Secure Data Newrowk File Transfer Process Guide  
Security Approach PDF: HHS Security Approach Practices Guide Word: HHS Security Approach Template PDF: HHS Security Approach Checklist    
Service Level Agreement PDF: HHS Service Level Agreement Practices Guide Word: HHS Service Level Agreement  Template PDF: HHS Service Level Agreement  Checklist    
Simplified Acquisitions       PDF: Simplified Acquisitions Process Guide  
Staff Management PDF: HHS Staff Management Practices Guide Word: HHS Staff Management Template PDF: HHS Staff Management Checklist    
Stage Gate Review PDF: HHS Stage Gate Review Practices Guide Word: HHS Stage Gate Review TemplateExcel: Stage Gate Review Assessment Template     PDF: Stage Gate Review Assessment Job-Aid PDF: Example Stage Gate Review Assessment - Initiation PDF: Example Stage Gate Review Assessment - Concept PDF: Example Stage Gate Review Assessment - Planning
Stakeholder Analysis   Excel: Stakeholder Analysis Log Template      
Status Reporting PDF: Status Reporting Practices Guide Word: Executive Status Report TemplateWord: Executive Status Report Template InstructionsWord: Team Member Status Report Template PDF: Project Status Reporting ChecklistPDF: Project Status Meeting Agenda Checklist    
System of Records Notice   Word: HHS System of Records Notice Template PDF: HHS System of Records Notice Checklist PDF: System of Records Notice Process Guide  
Task Order       PDF: Task Order Process Guide  
Test Plan PDF: Test Plan Practices Guide Word: Test Plan TemplateWord: Test Case Template PDF: Test Plan Checklist    
Test Reports PDF: HHS Test Reports Practices Guide Word: HHS Test Reports Template PDF: HHS Test Reports Checklist    
Training Material PDF: HHS Training Material Practices Guide        
Training Planning PDF: Training Planning Practices Guide Word: HHS Training Plan Template PDF: Training Planning Checklist    
User Manual Word: HHS User Manual Practices Guide        
Work Breakdown Structure PDF: WBS Practices Guide Word: WBS Dictionary TemplateWord: WBS Template Style-1Visio: WBS Template Style-2Word: WBS Template Style-3 PDF: WBS Checklist   Word: WBS Example
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