What Do You Think? Answers!  

  • True!: If storing vaccine in an ultra-cold freezer, use a DDL with a probe designed specifically to measure ultra-cold temperatures.
    • Correct!
  • False: If storing vaccine in a thermal shipping container, a temperature monitoring device is not needed.
    • If you use the thermal shipping container for temporary storage, you should use the Controlant temperature monitoring device that accompanies the vaccine shipment.
  • False: If storing vaccine in a refrigerator, use a DDL to monitor storage unit temperatures once a week.
    • If using a DDL, check and record the minimum and maximum temperatures at the start of each workday. If the DDL doesn’t read min/max temperatures, check and record the current temperature at the start and end of each workday.

Every storage unit storing COVID-19 vaccine must have a TMD. An accurate temperature history that reflects actual vaccine temperatures is critical for protecting the vaccine.



Page last reviewed: August 26, 2021