Delivery of Two Separate Packages 

1. Janssen vaccine will arrive in a 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F) qualified shipping container.

  • Each carton contains 10 multidose vials (50 doses of vaccine).

2. Ancillary supply kits include: 

  • Administration needles and syringes
    • 22–25-gauge, 1–1.5” (adult)
  • Sterile alcohol preparation pads 
  • PPE (surgical masks and face shields for staff) 
  • COVID-19 vaccination record cards
  • Needle gauge and length chart detailing the appropriate length/gauge for injections based on route, age (children), gender, and weight (adults)
  • Not included: Puncture-resistant, biohazard containers, gloves, and bandages



Page last reviewed: August 23, 2021