Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring

CDC is also working to expand COVID-19 vaccine safety surveillance through new systems and additional information sources as well as by scaling up existing safety monitoring systems. This will give CDC and FDA the ability to evaluate vaccine safety and make sure COVID-19 vaccines are as safe as possible.

A new voluntary, smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health check-ins for COVID-19 vaccine recipients. V-safe allows participants to report any side effects after COVID-19 vaccination to CDC in almost real time. It also gives them a convenient reminder to get their second COVID-19 vaccine dose if they need one.

National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)
An acute-care and long-term care facility monitoring system that will promote reporting to VAERS

info Ensuring the Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines in the United States



Page last reviewed: October 27, 2021