Child and Adolescent Vaccine Assessment Tool

Birth through 18 years of age

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Answer 10 quick questions to learn which vaccines your child may need. Vaccines are recommended for children and adolescents based on age, health conditions, and other factors. No personal information will be retained by CDC.
This vaccine assessment tool applies to children and adolescents from birth through 18 years old.

  1. Answer the questions below.
  2. Get a list of vaccines your child may need based on your answers.
     (This list may include vaccines your child has already had)
  3. Discuss the vaccines on the list with your child's doctor or health care professional.

Part One: About Your Child/Adolescent

  1. Is your child

  2. Is your child American Indian or Alaska Native?

Part Two: High-Risk Conditions or Medical Conditions

  1. Will your child be traveling outside the U.S. in the near future?

  2. Does your child have a weakened immune system due to illness or medications?

  1. Some of the medical conditions listed below can put you at higher risk of certain infections, or the infections pose a higher risk of complications if the condition is present. Does your child have any of these medical conditions? Check all that apply.

Part Three: Sexual history

  1. Review the items listed below and check all that might apply to your child:

Part Four: Living Conditions

  1. Is there currently an outbreak of meningitis in your community?

  2. Is your child a first-year college student who lives in a dormitory or a new military recruit?

  3. Does your child live in a dengue endemic area including Puerto Rico, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Marshall Islands, or the Republic of Palau?

That's it! Just click "Results" to find out which vaccines your child may need.



Page last reviewed: December 20, 2023