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The subject of your inquiry might be addressed by one or more health information documents that are available on the CDC website at Health Topics A-Z.  Please click to determine if the answer to your question is here:


Listed below are categories of Frequently Asked Questions that have been of recent interest to the public.  Our previous answers to these questions may address the subject of your inquiry.  If one of these categories appears related to your inquiry please click it to determine if the answer to your question is included.

Anthrax Hepatitis A
Campylobacter Hepatitis B
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  HIV/AIDS
Diabetes Legionellosis
Ebola Listeriosis
E.coli Lyme Disease
Encephalitides Meningitis
Food Irradiation Salmonellosis
Flu Tuberculosis
Genetics Typhoid Fever
Grants Funding Vaccine Safety
Hanta Virus


National AIDS Hotline 1-800-342-2437
National HIV/AIDS Hotline (Spanish)  1-800-344-7432
National Immunization Hotline (English) 1-800-232-2522
National Immunization Hotline (Spanish) 1-800-232-0233
National STD Hotline  1-800-227-8922
SafeUSA Federal Safety 1-888-252-7751
Traveler's Health 1-877-394-8747


If you have not found the information you need from either the Health Topics page noted above, or from the preceding categories of Frequently Asked Questions, please call us at 1-800-311-3435, or send us your inquiry by clicking here: 


  • CDC's website provides health information for your general knowledge.

  • Concerns about a medical condition--either your own or that of a family member, should always be addressed to your primary care physician for advice and care appropriate to your specific medical needs.

  • CDC does not recommend self-diagnosis or self-management of health problems that should be attended to by health care professionals.

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