Coverage Estimates for School Entry Vaccinations

Each year, grantees receiving immunization funds are required to assess the vaccination status of children in kindergarten. The vast majority of states review the vaccination records of every child. The remaining states review records from a sample of children. In most cases immunization program staff, local health department personnel or school nurses review the vaccination information for each student. Subsequently these findings are reported to CDC. The data in the following tables consist of the information as reported by the grantees. It should be noted that the exemption data is non-specific; it does not indicate whether the exemption was for one vaccine, a required vaccine dose, or for all required vaccines. Vaccination and exemption status may not have been reported for each surveyed child as some children may have been in the process of obtaining required vaccines as allowed by local policy

for School Year 2004-2005

National Estimate (US States and District of Columbia)
Vaccine Cov % # Grantees
 Polio   96.07% 51
 DTaP   95.70% 51
 Measles   95.86% 51
 Mumps   96.22% 48
 Rubella   96.15% 51
 Hep B   94.67% 45
 Varicella   92.03% 40

US Territories Estimate
Vaccine Cov % # Grantees
 Polio   79.82% 3
 DTaP   41.81% 3
 Measles   83.46% 3
 Mumps   83.46% 3
 Rubella   83.46% 3
 Hep B   94.28% 3
 Varicella   88.49% 2

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