Increasing Adult Vaccination Rates What Works

WhatWorks is a program that can be used:

  • As a reference about adult immunization
  • Or as a course with continuing education credit

The primary purpose of WhatWorks is to increase your knowledge about strategies that increase vaccination rates in a setting similar to one in which you work.

The “Strategies” section challenges you to work through a case study in a setting similar to the one you work in and study the strategies that are proven to work in different situations. Background information about recommended strategies is provided in Strategies List.

Test Your Vaccination Knowledge and EPI Facts allow you to test yourself. See how well you do! If you don’t know something, answers are provided.

References, Resources, and FAQs are there as a reference for you. Any time you have questions, you can log onto the site for information.

Updates allow you to sign up for automatic email notifications when new information is available.

WhatWorks is a program for you to use time and again. Come back to the site as you need to.

Where to Go Next: You have several options:

For course material, select one of the 3 topics from the Main Menu: Test Your Vaccination Knowledge, EPI Facts, or Strategies. Strategies is the main course topic.

If you need reference information, select References, Resources, or Frequently Asked Questions at the top of the screen.

If you would like to receive updated information through an email notification service, select Updates at the top of the screen.

If you need more information about the course including objectives and continuing education information, select About this Course at the top of the screen.

To qualify for continuing education credit, work through the 3 main sections of the course - Test Your Vaccination Knowledge, EPI Facts, and Strategies - but focus on the Strategies section.

Note: To receive continuing education credit, you must exit WhatWorks and register with CDC’s Training and Continuing Education Online. You will be asked to complete an evaluation; you will then receive your certificate. Click on the Continuing Education link for more information.