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CDCís Public Health Law Program developed this, foundational course on public health law as a learning resource for public health practitioners, students, and others.

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Public Health Emergency Law 3.0 &
Forensic Epidemiology 3.0 Training Curricula

The CDC Public Health Law Program of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the Public Health Emergency Law 3.0 and Forensic Epidemiology 3.0 training curricula in 2008. These self-contained training packages were developed for use in any jurisdiction in the United States. Both are contained in their entirety on a free CD-ROM.

Public Health Emergency Law 3.0 is targeted at public health practitioners and emergency management professionals to improve their understanding of the role of law in public health emergency response. Materials include three lecture units with PowerPoint slides, an interactive case study, and a Course Manager's Guide. Notes for instructors and other supplemental information are also included.

Forensic Epidemiology 3.0 is designed to help public health and law enforcement agencies strengthen their coordinated response to pandemic influenza and similar prevention disease outbreaks. Materials include a new CDC-developed case study on pandemic influenza as well as scenarios and training materials from other developers. The CD-ROM also contains the complete training resources developed for Forensic Epidemiology 1.0 focused on improving coordinated public health-law enforcement investigation of suspected bioterrorist events.
Click here to order a free CD containing the latest version of Public Health Emergency Law (3.0) and Forensic Epidemiology (3.0).
To download read-only copies of the new materials, choose from below:

Public Health Emergency Law 3.0
PHEL Case Study Instructor Version.pdf
PHEL Course Manager's Guide.pdf


Public Health Emergency Law 3.0 Audio Version
This listed version of the the Public Health Emergency Law 3.0 includes voice over audio.
Important Notes:
  • After clicking on any of the presentation files below, you will be prompted to Open or Save the file: choose open; the presentation cannot be modified and the audio will not work if it is saved to a local computer.
  • The presentation is read-only; please select that option when prompted
  • Each slide will include icons:
    If this this the only icon on the page, the user should click or select the enter key when ready to advance to the next slide
    If both of these icons appear on the page, then the user should wait until the audio has completed before advancing to the next slide.
If you have any problems or questions, please email our technical support

Unit 1: Online/audio version   Unit One Script
Unit 2: Online/audio version   Unit two Script
Unit 3: Online/audio version   Unit three Script

Information on Delivery of Public Health Emergency Law 3.0
Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Yale School of Public Health, Center for Public Health Preparedness, May 18, 2007

Forensic Epidemiology 3.0
FE Case Study Instructor Version.pdf

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To order a free Forensic Epidemiology 3.0 or Public Health Emergency Law 3.0 CD-ROM with complete, customizable versions of the new materials and all supplemental materials, click here.

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