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As of October 01, 2010 Practices, Templates, Checklists, and Processes are considered final and version frozen.
If you have questions or require additional information please contact the CDC Unified Process.

CDC projects are required to comply with various federal regulations in addition to PHIN and CDC policies and standards.  Information about these required processes is available from such sources as government websites, the CDC intranet, and CDC policy documents.  However, the information currently available about these requirements is often not presented from the perspective of the project team's activity.  CDC UP Process Guides were developed to provide that perspective.

CDC UP Process Guides help project teams comply with federal regulations along with PHIN and CDC policies and standards by: 1) presenting requirements in a concise, easy-to-understand, and consistent format that is available on the CDC Intranet; 2) setting the requirements in the context of their purpose; 3) providing step-by-step instructions for completing the activities required for compliance with each process; and, 4) showing the integration points between processes.

You can perform a quick project assessment To determine which of these compliance-related processes apply to your project.

The Process Guides listed below describe each compliance-related process as it applies to project teams, and outline the steps required for project teams to complete the process.  Italics denote new Process Guides that are in near-final draft form and are currently being tested by CDC project teams.

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  Document Name Area Phase
Process Guide Authorization to Operate (ATO) Quality 08Implementation
Process Guide Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) Cost 05Design
Process Guide Certification and Accreditation (Security) Risk 02Concept
Other Certification and Accreditation Process Activities Risk 02Concept
Process Guide Classified Information Communication 03Planning
Process Guide Computer Match Agreement (CMA) Communication 05Design
Process Guide Contracts Procurement Procurement 02Concept
Process Guide Earned Value Management (EVM) Cost 00As Needed
Process Guide Enterprise Architecture (EA) Scope 02Concept
Process Guide MASO Records Control Schedule Communication 02Concept
Process Guide Operations Designated Server Sites (DSS) Scope 05Design
Process Guide Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Risk 02Concept
Process Guide Procurements Overview Procurement 02Concept
Process Guide Section 508 Communication 02Concept
Process Guide Secure Data Network (SDN) Application Risk 02Concept
Process Guide Secure Data Network (SDN) Digital Certificate Risk 02Concept
Process Guide Secure Data Network (SDN) File Transfer Risk 02Concept
Process Guide Secure Data Network (SDN) Overview Risk 02Concept
Process Guide Simplified Acquisitions Procurement 02Concept
Process Guide System of Records Notice (SORN) Risk 02Concept
Process Guide Task Order Procurement 02Concept
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